In this tutorial we will be hosting a website on our own Php/mySql server which can be easily accessed.

For this we need to set up our own local webserver, to set-up the server follow the following tutorial:

Step 1: Go to the PlayStore

Google play image

Step 2: Search for Kickweb server

Kickweb server

Step 3: Install the app.

Install kickweb server

Step 4: Open the app

Give permission to kickweb

Step 5: Scroll down hit confirm and give it the requires permissions.

View kickweb

Step 6: Click on the button shown below, now the server will start.

Start kickweb

Step 7: Click on ‘KICKWEB ADMIN’ as shown below and a browser window will open.

Kickweb admin

Step 8: At localhost:8080 you can view your website also you can upload your website at the path given by the page.

Kickweb admin page

Note: The path may be different for every user.

Now your server is set up and working you can now upload your custom website at the given path and can view it at localhost:8080.

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